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Key Perspectives was set up in 1996 to provide high quality market research and consultancy services to the scholarly communications industry. Since then the company has worked on a wide variety of projects for many different organisations, building up an unrivalled view of the scholarly communications arena. Our particular strength is our broad and deep understanding of the research community in relation to many different aspects of scholarly communication.

We offer a professional and highly efficient service with client satisfaction our company's main objective.

In addition to our market research and strategic services, Key Perspectives has acknowledged expertise in the fields of open access and emerging markets. A wealth of related information can be accessed from this website.

If you think Key Perspectives could be of service to you, please feel free to contact either of Key Perspectives' directors.



Alma Swan's weblog, OptimalScholarship, can be found here.

Key Perspectives: sixteenth year in business

Key Perspectives was set up in June 1996 by its two founding directors, Alma Swan and Sheridan Brown. The scholarly communications environment has changed markedly since then and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work on many timely and interesting projects during that period. From an early focus on the scholarly publishing industry, in more recent years Key Perspectives' commissions have spanned the spectrum of scholarly communications activities, contributing to the process of policy development in addition to our client-specific work. We are grateful to all our clients and our network of associates and friends for your trust in the quality and integrity of our work, and we look forward to the continuing success of Key Perspectives in the years to come.

Progress Toward Open Access in the UK

The Open Access Implementation Group (OAIG) has a mission to push forward Open Access activity on several fronts, to increase compliance with funders' Open Access mandates and to limit article publication charges (APCs). In order to measure progress toward these goals a project team comprising KPL, the University of Southampton and the University of Montreal is currently collecting baseline data about various aspects of Open Access activity in the UK. Part of the data collection process is a survey of universities in the UK, designed to discover more about institutions' policies on Open Access and the funding of APCs. If you would like to participate in this important study on behalf of your institution, please contact Sheridan Brown at Key Perspectives and we will send you a link.

Banking on Open Access

The World Bank has recently launched its new Open Access Policy and its new Open Access repository. This is another important milestone in the growth of Open Access and Key Perspectives was pleased to have been involved in the strategic review that led to these developments. Details of these initiatives have been elicited by Richard Poynder in his recent interview with Carols Rossell, Publisher at the World Bank.

Doing things with data

Research data are receiving lots and lots and lots of attention and rightly so. Not only will data outputs likely become the main form of research output in due course - and already are doing so in many fields - but they present a host of new issues with which the research community has to grapple. To continue reading this discussion of our recent research findings, click here.

Data scientists and curators
The skills, role and career structure of data scientists and curators: an assessment of current practice and future needs

Data science is a topic attracting growing attention around the world. The need for professionals to guide the process of data creation and the curation of datasets is evident, yet the current pool of people with relevant skills is insufficient to meet the increasing demand. Funded by JISC, Key Perspectives has undertaken an assessment of current practice and future needs and produced a report with recommendations. The study includes an assessment of the important role libraries have to play in terms of supporting data-intensive research. The 30-page report may be downloaded by clicking here.

Sharing research data (or not)
Publication and quality assurance of research data outputs

There is now significant interest in the creation and sharing of datasets produced by researchers in the course of their work. Research funders are reviewing and developing their policies to move towards a position where the use and value of data is optimised. A recent report commissioned by the Research Information Network (RIN), NERC and JISC contributes to this policy development process. The study, conducted by Key Perspectives, reports the attitudes of researchers across eight subject areas towards the creation and sharing of data. You may access a briefing paper, the executive summary or the full report from the RIN's website by clicking here.

An interview by the journalist Richard Poynder with Alma Swan about Open Access may be accessed here. A subsequent interview can be located here.


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