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The Skills, Role and Career Structure of Data Scientists and Curators: An Assessment of Current Practice and Future Needs (2008). Commissioned by JISC.  Link to report
To Share or Not to Share: Publication and Quality Assurance of Research Data Outputs (2008). Commissioned by RIN, NERC and JISC.  Link to report
Key Concerns within the Scholarly Communications Process(2008). Commissioned by JISC.   
Swan, A. (2007) The business of digital repositories, in Weenink, K., Waaijers, L. and van Godtsenhoven, K., Eds. A DRIVER's Guide to European Repositories (Amsterdam, 2007). Amsterdam University Press.  
Researchers’ Use of Academic Libraries and their Services (2007). Commissioned by the RIN and the Consortium of Research Libraries  Link to report
Evaluation of Options for a UK Electronic Theses Service: Study Report , 2006. Conducted by Key Perspectives and UCL Library Services. Commissioned by JISC
Linking UK Repositories: Technical and organisational models to support user-oriented services across institutional and other digital repositories. 2006. (Sponsored by JISC)
Linking UK Repositories: APPENDIX to the report listed above. 2006.
Evaluation of the JISC's Open Access Funding Initiative Link to report
Open Access Self Archiving - an Introduction, 2006.
Swan, Alma and Brown, Sheridan (2005) Open Access Self-Archiving: An Author Study (Sponsored by JISC)
Swan A, Needham P, Probets P, Muir A, O 'Brien A, Oppenheim C, Hardy R and Rowland F (2004). Delivery, management and access model for E-prints and open access journals within further and higher education (Report of a JISC study). pp 1-121.
Swan, Alma and Brown, Sheridan (2004) Report of the JISC/OSI journal authors survey. pp 1-76.
Swan, Alma and Brown, Sheridan (2002) Authors and Electronic Publishing: The ALPSP research study on authors' and readers' views of electronic research communication. pp 1-76. ALPSP, Worthing.  
Brown, Sheridan and Swan, Alma (2002) Library consortia research: library and publisher studies. In: The Consortium Site Licence: Is It A Sustainable Model? Ingenta  



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